More power and more speed...
The first-ever 315 mph* Dagger GT™ Supercar is coming soon!

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Dagger GT™ Prototype Specifications - Preliminary
Subject to Change and to Customized Buyer Preferences


  • Body
  • Chassis
  • Performance Goals


Style   GT-R Supercar, Removable Carbon Fiber Hardtop Convertible/Roadster
Class   Former Class 7 Unlimited / Unrestricted
Application   Race and Street
Race Applications   Unlimited/unrestricted road racing, Land Speed, and NHRA Drag Racing
Wheelbase   106"
Length   192"
Width   84"
Height   42"
Curb Weight   2500 lbs. (est. road race version)
Weight Distribution   60% rear and 40% front (+/-)
Ground Clearance   4.0" Base, adjustable to (from cockpit) 2.5” (slammed) or 5.5”; 2" with 1" rubber skirt for landspeed
Track   Rear: 54" with 15" wide wheels; Front 60" w/11" wide wheels
Body Material   Carbon Fiber/aluminum with polycarbonate windows/glass windshield; heat-resistant carbon fiber or aluminum panels on engine compartment
Doors   Vertical Skydoors with dual gas shocks, chromoly and 4 adjustable points; Keyless entry 90 degree vertical 'Lambo-style' opening doors; biometric keys optional
Body Fasteners   Aerospace aluminum, click-bond threaded studs; .5” diameter
Windows, Side Mirrors, Doors, Seats   Powered
Center Dash Mirror   Hands-free Bluetooth mirror with backup warning system
Window and Bumper Materials   Polycarbonate and polyurethane respectively; glass windscreen
Air Conditioning   Vintage Air Gen IV
Drag Coefficient (Cd)   < 0.30 (design objective)
Aerodynamics   Ground effects design; reduced frontal area; aero plugs for land-speed runs; rear diffusers and strakes; custom, adjustable F1 style carbon fiber wing with stabilizer-style supports
Frontal Area   21 s.f.
Belly Pan   Complete flat carbon fiber belly pan with Venturi tunnels/diffusers and strakes
Rear Wings   AeroMotions’ Dynamic Wing™ (S2 model) split wing with programmable, push-button, variable geometry and total weight of 11.5 pounds. Features in-cabin controller, F-15 aircraft-style stabilizer uprights, Formula 1 styling, carbon fiber, plus Titanium internal structures.
Optional Wings   Custom, detachable NHRA and/or Bonneville wings optional
Headroom   38"
Design Manikin   90th percentile SAE design manikin
Seat Width   2 x 21"
Leg Room   47.5"
Seatback Adjustment   25 degrees
Seat Travel   6"
Drag Area   5.46 sf (est)

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Brakes (Front)   Custom Carbon GT System, 8-piston calipers with 1-piece floating vented 15" rotors
Brakes (Rear)   Custom Carbon GT System, 6-piston calipers with 1-piece floating vented 15" rotors
Wheels (F)   Customer specified 20"
Wheels (R)   Customer specified 21"
Tires Front   11-inch wide 275/25ZR20s (for 20" rim) (customer-specified)
Tires Rear   15-inch wide 375/20ZR21 (for 21" rim)(customer-specified)
Front Suspension   Double wishbone unequal length upper and lower A-arms, coil over springs, remote reservoir-adjustable Coil-Over Shocks, Cab Controlled Air Lift, Anti-Roll Bar
Shocks   Air spring and double adjustable valving.
Frame   The frame will be 100% carbon fiber.
Frame connection points   Removable drag chute attachment connector (behind license plate) and wheelie bar connection-attachments (optional add-ons)
Steering   Power rack and pinion with Tilt Column.
Turns, lock to lock   2.5
Turning circle   42'
Airbags   Driver and passenger frontal airbag restraints
Seats   Custom-specified , powered, 6-way leather racing seats with 2-tone insets; luxury seats optional
Restraints   6-point, 3” wide racing harness belts; quick release Camlock technology and lightweight pull-down length adjusters; SFI 16.1 approved.
Firewall   Aluminum firewall
Adjustable Ride Height   Cockpit - adjustable from 2.5" to 5.5"; manually - adjustable to 1.5” ride height for with rubber ½” front skirt land-speed runs
Optional Suspension   Cockpit - adjustable “race” or “soft” ride-ability adjustment.

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Weight to Horsepower Ratio   < 1:1 (est.) new supercar record (2500 hp engine option)
Acceleration 0-60 mph   < 1.2 seconds (calculated)* new supercar record
1/4 mile ET   < 6.6 seconds @ 204+ mph (calculated)* new supercar record
Standing Mile   280+ mph (calculated)* new record
Top Speed   315 mph/500 kph (calculated)* new supercar record
60-0 mph Braking Distance   < 100 feet (goal)
Fuel Consumption @ 300mph   5 gallons per minute (approx)
Time to empty @ 300 mph   < 5 minutes (est)
Time between milemarkers @ 300+ mph   < 12 seconds (calculated)*
0-100-0   < 10.0 seconds (est)
Slalom   > 70 mph (goal)
Skidpad   > 1.05 g (goal)
Car & Driver "Lightning Lap" at VIR   < 2:45.9 (goal) new record
0-60-0   < 4.0 seconds (goal)

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*Notes: All calculations based on accepted engineering formulas and 2000 hp/3000 lb input assumptions