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The first-ever 315 mph* Dagger GT™ Supercar is coming soon!

Purchasing Instructions

If you wish to purchase a Dagger GT, please e-mail us at TranStar Racing is only producing a limited number of Dagger GTs in 2011/2012 for our customers. The base model, the Dagger GT-S or “Sport” model, will have a probable MSRP price of $750,000 plus whatever you wish to add from an unlimited list of options. The Luxury model will cost about $850,000 depending on the added options you wish to select. We expect the Luxury model to compete with the million-dollar exotics in terms of luxury, and stomp them in performance. The 3 racing models will also depend on options selected, including a 2700 hp engine option and racing equipment like a roll cage and drag chutes for landspeed and drag racing. You can also choose a programmable split wing for road racing. Plan on $800,000 for the 3 racing options. We will work out final pricing during the specification and customization process for your car while we negotiate your final sales agreement.

Here is the process, if you want to purchase a Dagger GT:

  1. Email us at

  2. Provide your telephone number.

  3. You will be assigned a position in our 2011/2012 test drive program based on the order in which you request a test-drive reservation..

  4. We will give you a brief questionnaire at your test drive which you should return to us, so we can start writing the spec and scope of work for your hand-made custom Supercar.

  5. We will meet together, during your test drive visit to finalize your spec sheet, options, price, and negotiate a mutually-agreeable sales agreement for the purchase of your car.

  6. The sales agreement will spell out a 3-step payment schedule:

    • 10% of price of car is paid into refundable escrow deposit, upon signing the sales agreement. .

    • 40% of price of car when we order your parts and initiate production.

    • 50% of price of car upon your inspection/acceptance of your car, plus you must pay for taxes, import fees and shipping/handling costs at this time.

  7. Attend our mandatory hands-on driving and safety school with our professional test car/race car driver.

 Email us if you have any questions. . Thank you.

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