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TranStar Racing, LLC is a team of race car builders and suppliers,

each of whom is the best-of-the-best in his field


The TranStar vision is to create a brand new niche for so-called Supercars with only ONE CAR IN IT: the Dagger GT. TranStar plans to build a one-of-a-kind Supercar with a one-of-a-kind patented billet aluminum 500 ci supercharged engine making over 2000 hp @ 9500 RPM on 118 octane racing gas. Our secret is to use unrestricted Formula 1, NASCAR and US Military technology. Titanium and high-order cryogenics will take us over 300 mph in about a mile. The initial cars will pass EC emissions. A unique, edgy , all carbon fiber design for the body and frame will keep total dry, stripped weight under 2000 pounds making the Dagger the highest HP-to-weight Supercar in the world. Your customized Dagger should also defeat all the other Supercars by wide margins in the 0-60 and quarter mile based on its horsepower-to-weight ratio which will also be a record for our class.


As engineers, we have a built-in desire and mission to do all of this cost-effectively while improving quality to match or defeat any luxury sports car in the world. In short, our goal is to be the number One world-class supercar in every category: quality, appearance, performance, and value with minimal risks.

Philosophy: Minimum Risk Policy:

We will use existing, proven automotive fabricators and experts. We will assemble the car using an experienced assembly team and the best-of-the-best, proven-and-tested, USA-manufactured, state-of-the-art parts and components. There is no need to invent new engines. 'Buy it: don't invent it.' We use mostly USA-proven parts and systems, except for our unique engine and custom/exclusive 6-speed transaxle which will be unique and custom-designed and built by America's top transaxle builder, Mike Mendeola.


Race and Street:

The Dagger GT will be a race car, but it will be very "streetable" too. Our Dagger GT engine can be computer-mapped to run in race or street mode. automatically. — without leaving the cockpit! Ride height can also be adjusted from the cockpit as can the amount of sound from the exhausts — from silent to wide-open, or anywhere in between. The chassis and suspension are also a balanced blend of race and comfort, customizable to buyer specs. Light-footed street driving will produce reasonable gas mileage for a big block engine, around 10 miles per gallon.


Interior Options:

The buyer can also specify 'race', 'sport' or 'luxury' interiors to suit his or her taste. "After FX Customs", our interior and paint provider, has made a show-winning reputation by providing stylish-to-radical aftermarket, show quality interiors for Lamborghinis.


Drag Racing:

If the buyer likes drag racing, the car is designed so that a complete set of JEGS bolt-on dual parachute attachments/accessories can be purchased so the buyer will meet NHRA safety requirements allowing you to race at NHRA-sanctioned tracks. The attachment points are connected directly to the frame behind the removable license plate.


Road Racing:

The Dagger is also expected to set the record for the Car and Driver "Lightning Lap" at the Virginia International Raceway, due to the 3 long straightaways on the Grand Course, coupled with the Dagger's incredible top speed and record-setting acceleration. We also expect to set the lap record at Nurburgring.





The Dagger's conceptual image was selected because most supercars look the same and are boring except for, possibly, the Lamborghini which separates itself from the others with its edginess and angles.

Dagger GT-SS Candy Apple Red Supersport

Our goal is to produce a supercar that is unique, edgy and dazzling in appearance. Most enthusiasts have been disappointed by the Big 3 who roll out concept cars and never build them.


Our intent is to produce one of the attractive concept cars that did not get built. There is never unanimity of agreement on what constitutes an attractive car. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." We hope and pray you will behold the Dagger as we do.


Founder’s Greeting and Thank You:

Greetings: My name is N. Craig Miller and I am glad you are visiting our website. Whether you are a qualified buyer or not, I hope you will enjoy this dream car with us, become a fan and tell some rich friends about us!

I am an engineer, but I am relying on people with a whole lot more talent than me to design and build this car, as explained on our "Team" page.

Please feel free to email me and share your comments and ideas with us. Thank you for visiting with us and I hope to hear from you…




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