More power and more speed...
The first-ever 315 mph* Dagger GT™ Supercar is coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to questions we have been asked by many of you who we have classified as interested, prospective and qualified buyers:

I love this car and I have to have a luxury model! Are there limits to the options a buyer can add to the car?
No, as long as the option can fit into the vehicle and you are willing to pay for it to be added.

How does the negotiation of the Sales Contract work?
First, you must come to Florida and test drive the car. Then we will give you a very detailed questionnaire to get an idea of what you want and don’t want for your Dagger GT. Then we will meet with you face-to-face in Fort Lauderdale to provide you with pricing for all options and to help you decide the final specifications for your car. Once we agree, the sales agreement will be executed.

Your draft sales contract calls for three payments: a 10% deposit at closing, 40% of selling price upon start of fabrication, and the final 50% upon acceptance/delivery. Suppose I do not accept the car, at the end, for good and valid reasons. Do I get my money back?

How do I get the car fixed if something breaks?
We will have regional service centers near you.

Will the street models go 300 mph?
Not if you are fond of staying alive! We recommend a ride height of one inch, a roll cage, 1000 pounds of forward ballast, land-speed tires, drag chute, and a smooth land-speed track or dry lake bed for any attempt to exceed 240 mph. Basically, if you want to go 300 mph, you should, at a minimum, purchase all the safety options for the Dagger GT-LS Landspeed model, so you can put them on your street model, for safety. There are some very good aerodynamic reasons the so-called supercars have not broken 300 mph. This is the danger zone and you must take precautions before attempting these speeds.

What are the models available?
Dagger GT-S Sport, Dagger GT-X Luxury, Dagger GT-R Road Race, Dagger GT-D Drag Race, and Dagger GT LS Landspeed. The latter 3 are for racing, but can be made street-legal by purchasing street options.

What about paint colors and types?
After FX Customs can provide any color and style, from mild to wild, that you want. Anything from flat black or satin black to Candy Apple Red. You may specify how many layers of clear lacquer you want. The surface will be perfect, show car quality with no “waves”. You can order pinstripes and art if you want.

How do I get parts for my Dagger?
Every part and component of the Dagger, except the body, is commercially available from the best-of-the-best American racing fabrication companies, high performance firms and/or other established race-car parts providers. The molds for the body will always be available. The TranStar All-star Team has an impeccable track record of success.

Are you still accepting outside investors?
Yes but only SEC 501 accredited investors only. This is not an offer to buy or sell any securities. Email us if you are an interested accredited investor.

Will the street models be street-legal?

Will the race models be street-legal?

Can I specify a different engine?
Yes. You can specify any engine you want as long as it fits.

Your 12 month/12,000 mile warranty is for parts only. Can we get a warranty for labor too?
Yes, but it will cost more.

Can I extend the warranty?
Yes. After one year we will extend the warranty an additional year for a fee to be determined.

Can I get any tires and wheels I want?

Can I add chrome to the interior?

Where are the exterior door handles?
We have none. Electric remote-control vertical doors.

Will the car pass emissions?

Will the car pass fuel economy (CAFÉ) standards?
No. We will pay the CAFÉ fine/penalty for each vehicle we produce.

Seriously, 1.5 seconds in the 0-60 mph?
The Nissan Project Zed car ran 1.2 seconds with 1600 horsepower. Our Drag model (GT-D) should do better with 2500 hp. The GT-D will have traction mechanics and pro-stock drag slicks.

200 mph in the quarter mile?
Pro-stock dragsters routinely do 200+ mph with 1300 hp. The GT-D will have 2700 hp and similar traction mechanics.

Lap records at VIR and Nurburgring?
Look at the track layouts. Both have 3 enormous quasi-straightaways. With our top speed and acceleration we should destroy these lap records with our GT-R model.

One of your mantras is ‘Breaking rules and breaking records.’ What rules are you breaking and are you cheating?
Yes, we are cheating. We are not breaking ANY safety rules, but we are breaking every racing-body power restriction we can. These rules have regulated, restricted and compromised the Unlimited class out of existence. Everyone is racing clones out there. The car itself used to make a difference, if you are old enough to remember those days. Political correctness has destroyed a whole class of race car. The Unlimited class used to be the most popular class of race car. We are breaking the rules concerning displacement, aspiration, boost pressure, fuel-mix and restrictor plates, plus a few more. What did I leave out? We’ll break those too. But not safety.

I am with you, but aren’t your competitors and detractors gonna whine and cry ‘foul’ if you break all their records while breaking their precious rules?
Yes, they will. Our answer is: “Homey don’t play by your rules!” These are OUR rules: UNLIMITED. Stop crying like ballerinas and try and beat us, using OUR rules… if you can! Now, for the first time, in a long time, we can start having fun again! In bicycle racing, this is called a breakaway. Let’s see who wants to chase us!

Will you make this car in Right Hand Drive (RHD)?
Yes, starting in 2012/2013.

Why do you believe you can achieve your performance goals?
We have the horsepower, aerodynamics and the engineering know-how. Let me assure you of one thing. We never give up. We will set those records. We do not “try” anything. We will do it by force of will if not by the brute force of extreme horsepower. It CAN be done mathematically, on paper. And we have the guys who can make it reality. We will never stop until we actualize these goals.

What about driver training to operate a car with this much horsepower?
All buyers are required to attend a professional hands-on training session before taking delivery of the car.

What class would I be at Bonneville?
Until we produce 50 cars we would not have a “production” class at Bonneville, but you can still enter Speed Week as an unclassified car and run there, inexpensively. When we do build 50 cars, we will be a “blown fuel, production sportscar” at Bonneville.

What about other forms of sanctioned racing?
You will have too many cubes to run top fuel at NHRA and FIA probably won’t let you enter their events. You can ‘run for fun’ as an unclassified, exhibition race car or enter some “Outlaw” events. Your most competitive “match” races will be against Pro Stock at NHRA. You must have a drag package to run at NHRA-sanctioned tracks.

What costs are NOT included in the base price?
All upgrades and custom work must be added. Racing and Luxury models will cost more. Shipping, import-export fees and taxes are added to the base price. Special foreign automotive regulatory requirements exceeding those of the USA may be required for some foreign buyers and will be added to the cost if all parties agree.

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