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The first-ever 315 mph* Dagger GT™ Supercar is coming soon!

Our Company

TranStar Racing™, LLC is a team of race car builders and suppliers, each of whom is the best-of-the-best in his field.

Nelson Racing Engine
Tom Nelson’s Polished Aluminum
2700 HP 632 Twin Turbo racing engine.

It is important to understand that every component of the Dagger GT™has been fabricated and proven many times before by each of the outstanding race car fabricators on the team, starting with Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines, who routinely produces 2000 horsepower engines for his many satisfied clients.

Phil Frank, of Phil Frank Design, is the designer of the Saleen S7 and will serve as Consulting Director of Design.

The Saleen S7-R recently retired the trophy for the GT-1 class at LeMans.

John Rains 300 mph Trans Am

Mike Mendeola is the owner of Mendeola Transaxles, the top transaxle fabricator in the USA. Mike is custom- building a Dagger Transaxle rated to 2700 HP/2300 TQ exclusively for TranStar Racing..


Alan Wisnieski
Mendeola Transaxles will build an exclusive
custom TranStar Transaxle rated to
2500 HP and 2300 TQ.

Alan Wisniewski of AW Race Cars and Composite Energy Technologies will build our two rugged chasses: a composite monocoque carbon-fiber 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum Chassis and a 4130 Chromoly chassis designed to meet NHRA and Bonneville safety standards. Composite Energy Technologies developed John Force’s super lightweight (105 lb) composite 300 mph CF/Kevlar Funny Car. Your suspension system will be custom-made to your racing/rideability preferences. They have extensive experience in building winning race cars, mid-engine cars and show cars for their many clients.

Matt Jackson leads the paint and interiors team (CEO of After FX Customs) routinely producing beautiful aftermarket interiors for Lamborghinis and spectacular custom paint for show cars.

Off-the-Shelf and State-of-the-Art

All remaining components of the Dagger GT are off-the-shelf, proven systems that have been produced thousands of times before for the automotive industry.

Land Speed Team

Transtar Racing's all start avdisory team
TranStar Racing’s All-star Advisory Team includes
the owner-driver of the world’s fastest 314 mph,
2500 horsepower sports car.

We have two land-speed advisors that have run over 300mph at Bonneville. One of them has recently broken the 300 mph barrier in a 2000 hp sports car at Bonneville and has agreed to be an unofficial advisor to the TranStar Team for our run at 300 mph.

John Rainshas likewise also provided valuable advice to us and has agreed to continue to advise us and help us break the 300 mph barrier. John has pushed his V-6 Twin Turbo Trans Am over 300 mph at Bonneville with less than 2000 hp.

John Rains 300 mph Trans Am
John Rains 300 mph Trans Am

Assembly Team

World-renowned Chris Ortiz founder/CEO of Kaizen Assembly, LLC will be assisted by auto industry veterans to ensure efficient and top notch production line for each of our custom, hand-made Supercars.

Chris has written 5 books on “lean” and efficient assembly lines and manufacturing processes. A former Fortune 500 industrial engineer, Chris has been published in over one-half dozen trade journals, designed over 100 assembly lines and conducted over 150 training seminars. Chris OrtizHis training includes “Demand Flow Technology” and Georgia Tech training for ISO 9001: 2000 Internal Quality Auditing. He is a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He has served on two pit crews for racing teams.

Our shop floor assembly manager will be  Harri Tervola, President of Ter-Tech, a highly successful racing shop. Harri is an experienced race car and Supercar builder-driver. His Ter-Tech Team has worked on the Mosler MT 900, the Renntech Mercedes AMG and Harri has built numerous other custom sports cars, almost single-handedly in many cases. Harri is a racing instructor and test driver. He has an extensive electrical background with wiring assemblies and is an accomplished electrician as well as lead assemblyman for custom, high performance cars.

Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance and continuous improvement will be the responsibility of everyone. It will be the culture…an attitude and a passion. Quality people produce quality cars through mutual respect, passion and teamwork. No one knows this better than our QA leader, Kaizen Assembly, LLC, certified for the  ISO 9001: 2000 and recognized as the best-of-the-best in automotive Quality Assurance. They are experts for new automotive launch, quality engineering support, ISO/TS consulting, training and implementation support services.

Safety Team

The safety team is composed of two outstanding former executive-engineers with the US DOT National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA): 1) Dr. Joseph Kanianthra, PhD, and 2) Michael Monk, MS, PE, co-CEOs with Active Safety Engineering, LLC. They had a combined 58 years of experience at NHTSA.Mike was the Director of the Vehicle Research and Test Center at NHTSA and Joseph rose to Associate Administrator of the Office of Vehicle Safety Research and served as Division Chief for the Office of Safety Standards. These gentlemen were responsible for rulemaking, national safety standards, research, side impact protection, biomechanics, crashworthiness, and airbag protection regulations of NHTSA. Together, they have published almost 100 papers in their field and have a dozen awards. The Dagger will feature rollbars, 5-point harnesses and front airbags for maximum occupant restraint and protection.

Emissions Team

TranStar has also joined forces with Don Olson of Olson Ecologic Testing Labs to insure we meet all EPA protocols for emission testing and EPA Conformity Certification. Olson Ecologic is an EPA-certified emissions laboratory. Charlie Pantano of Eastern Catalytic Converters has prepared preliminary computations to estimate our 49-state emissions requirement and will provide four double-loaded custom catalytic converters for the powerful twin turbo 632 ci Dagger GT™ engine. If you want emissions certification in California, we offer a 836 hp engine which will meet CARB requirements. We also boast two more EPA-certified labs:Wallace Labs and Southwest Research Institute are also on the team for OBD II certification and catalytic chemistry simulation.

Aerodynamics Team

Aerodynamics Team
Our aerospace team worked on the world’s fastest, 340 mph diesel car.

Heather P. Houlden, Richard White and their team of aerodynamic engineers at ViGYAN are our aerodynamicists responsible for wind tunnel testing. ViGYAN is the wind tunnel lab for NASA.

Airflow Sciences will provide CFD simulation for the Dagger GT™. Airflow Sciences are aerodynamicists for NASCAR and Formula 1 cars and they served on the team for the world’s fastest diesel car, a 340 mph streamliner. Preliminary analysis suggests the Dagger can exceed 315 mph. Vigyan’s and Airflow Sciences’ job is to make sure we do that safely.

Engineering Team

The engineering team consists of  the world-renown automotive engineering firms of Tass Engineering, EASi Engineering and Altair ProductDesign. These engineers will assure that the car’s safety systems meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSSs) and are properly designed and engineered to the highest standards.


US Dealers and International Distributors are being signed up as this is being written. If you are an exotic car dealer and want one of sixteen US dealerships, please contact us at

The Founder and Managing Member

Craig Miller,N. Craig Miller, MS, PE has over 40 years of transportation engineering design, research and management experience. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech and a Master of Science from the “U” (University of Miami) funded by a Scholarship from the US DOT. He is a former DOT engineer and a safety consultant (Principal Investigator) to the US DOT, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on two large nationwide research studies involving vehicle operations and safety.

Mr. Miller has designed ground transportation vehicles and written vehicle specifications. He has worked on multi-million dollar Research and Development projects funded by US DOT. His work has included assisting clients in securing EPA approvals and meeting the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and its attendant  regulations. He is the former founder and developer of a highly profitable engineering business and successfully sold/merged that business into the number 1 “transportation-only” consultancy in the USA (TranSystems).

He has a stellar track record in the negotiations and management of multi-million dollar contracts, project finance, marketing, profitability, and mega-firm national team leadership, having served as Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, and President of private engineering corporations. He has led engineering teams on several projects valued between $300M to over one billion dollars. Mr. Miller has published over 70 technical papers and has served as speaker/author on over 100 occasions at national and international conferences including the National Academy of Sciences, Transportation Research Board, where he has served as a committee chair and received recognition from the Academy for his service. He has one-half dozen awards for Engineering Excellence and he is a fierce competitor.


Our Team
Meet the TranStar All-Star Team

  • The Design and FabricationTeam
    Phil Frank, Lead Design Consultant
    Ivan Luccion, Industrial Designer for Concept
    Tom Van Ryn, CAD Designer
    Tom Nelson, Nelson Racing Engines
    Mike Mendeola and Ian Kirkland, Mendeola Transaxles
    Alan Wisniewski and Fran Hall, Stage 2 Roller Chassis and Suspension
  • The Assembly Team
    TranStar with Harri Tervola of Ter-Tech plus Chris Ortiz, Kaizen Assembly
  • The Engineering Team
    Tom Weisgerber, VP, Kevin Kennedy Associates, former GM Engineer
    Tass Engineering, EASi Engineering and Altair Product Design, automotive engineers
  • The QA Team
    Kaizen Assembly
  • The Land Speed Team
    Three 300 mph+ racers, including John Rains, 300 mph Trans Am and Ron Main, 436mph
  • The Safety Team
    Dr. Joseph Kanianthra, PhD and
    Michael Monk, MS, PE, Active Safety Engineering, LLC
  • The Emissions Team
    Don Olson, Ecologic Labs, emissions testing
    Charlie Pantano, Eastern Catalytic Converters
    SwRI and Wallace Environmental Testing Labs
  • The Aerodynamics Team
    Richard White, ViGYAN (wind tunnel tests)
    Andrew L. Banka, PE, Airflow Sciences Corp. (CFD simulation)
  • Marketing Team
    April Clark, Ameritech Media
    Joni Kullgren, MBA, et al, JM Field Marketing, Graphics/Marketing
  • Interiors and Paint
    Matt Jackson, After FX Customs
  • Onboard Computer/Electronics Team
    Johnny Cooper, Azentek
    Aaron Westberg, Speedhut
    Harri Tervola, Electrician (and assembly manager)
    Wallace Labs
  • Founder and Team Manager
    N. Craig Miller, MS, PE, TranStar Racing, LLC

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